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Caregiving affects thousands of Americans across the country, whether it is you or a loved one who needs assistance. FedAdvantage members now have access to YourCare360, a web portal with resources to help you and your family navigate caregiving situations and connect with leading vendors in the caregiving space. Access to YourCare360 and many of its resources is free for eligible FedAdvantage members and their families. YourCare360 can assist anyone with a loved one needing care.             

Connect with industry leaders who provide a variety of services: 

      - Care planning resources 

      - Home health-care evaluation 

      - In-home loneliness solutions 

      - Care navigation support and community services for caregivers 

      - End of life planning 


 Explore the variety of free resources that can assist over the course of the entire continuum of care: 

      - Health assessments that range from functional and cognitive to depression and anxiety that help establish baselines and track progression and recovery

      - Directories of care facilities and providers nationwide, with an array of data points not easily found elsewhere including health and fire inspections and staffing 

      - Educational tools such as cost-of-care calculators, fact sheets, and guides to having tough conversations with aging loved ones

More Information

Trained and highly experienced counselors are available to answer your questions and show you how the resources YourCare360 provides may help.


Call (877)673-2179 or visit today!

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