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We Educate Federal Employees On All Related Financial Matters

FedAdvantage is a program that educates federal employees on their employer sponsored benefits as well as financial and retirement related matters. We also provide comprehensive insurance programs designed to”fill the gaps” in your benefits. We do this by offering a one-stop shopping experience that provides straight forward answers to your benefit questions.

Why choose FedAdvantage?

When it comes to benefits, federal employees are at a disadvantage. You should accept the premise that your benefits do not offer cradle to grave protection and, as a result, be open to looking outside the government for programs to help maximize your benefits. The biggest challenge you may face is understanding what you have and knowing what you need.

FedAdvantage was founded in 1992 with the purpose of assisting federal employees in understanding their benefits and educating on how to “fill the gaps” present in their benefits. We are experts in federal benefits and use our knowledge to develop insurance programs that make sense and offer peace of mind to federal employees.

Our Office Locations


 Service Center

P.O. BOX 191029

Dallas, TX 75219-1029

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