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Life Insurance Options, Plans & Protection 

A Promise Kept.

Life Insurance is for the ones you promise to protect

No one really wants to think about life insurance. But if someone depends on you financially, it’s something you can’t avoid.

In the event of a tragedy, life insurance proceeds can:

  • Help pay the bills and meet ongoing living expenses

  • Finance future needs like your children’s education

  • Pay off outstanding debt, including credit cards and the mortgage

  • Protect a spouse’s retirement

  • Pay for funeral costs and other final expenses


Getting life insurance doesn’t have to be hard. Regardless of your situation, we can help you determine the right amount for you.

84 %
said that most people

need life insurance
However, 4 in 10 don’t
own any type of
Life Insurance.

Introducing HeroLife Insurance Your Path to Financial Protection!

FedAdvantage and HeroLife proudly invite you to explore and apply for low cost Life Insurance, offering rapid response approval with a range of benefits tailored to your needs:


Get Up to $2 Million in High Limit Term Insurance

Secure the future of your loved ones with HeroLife Insurance's generous coverage. Experts recommend having approximately 10 times your annual salary in life insurance, and with HeroLife, you can access digital,

instant-issue individual high limit term insurance up to 30 times your annual earnings.


Individually Owned for Maximum Flexibility

Your HeroLife Insurance policy is individually owned, providing you with ultimate control. Enjoy the benefits of portability, allowing you to maintain coverage even if you change jobs.


Quick and Convenient Application Process

Say goodbye to lengthy paperwork and medical exams. Apply for HeroLife Insurance online in just minutes and experience lightning-fast underwriting decisions. It's hassle-free and designed to save you time.

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Flexible Payment Options

Managing your premiums is made easy with HeroLife Insurance. Choose from a variety of flexible payment options conveniently billed to your debit or credit card. It's hassle-free and fits seamlessly into your financial routine.


Eligible for Employees, Spouses, and Dependents

HeroLife Insurance is available to employees, their spouses, and dependents between the ages of 18 and

60. We believe in protecting the entire family, ensuring peace of mind for everyone.


We're Here to Assist You

Have questions or need assistance? Our team is ready to support you. Call us at (415) 202-6371. We're here to ensure a smooth enrollment process for you.

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