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Long-Term Care Insurance Marketplace

Learn about this new program today!

Many people have friends or loved ones who have dealt with the complex world of caregiving; other people have been caregivers themselves. They understand that the cost of long-term care is rising and is generally not covered by health insurance, disability insurance, or Medicare. FedAdvantage is proud to launch a marketplace* for our membership that makes available a variety of insurance products in the long-term care space.


These solutions include discounted premiums for FedAdvantage members and their families.


In addition to the traditional long-term care insurance available, members also have access to life insurance with accelerated benefits for long-term care as well as short-term care insurance.




Long-Term Care insurance is a vital part of financial planning as it is designed to protect retirement income and your family’s lifestyle. LTCi pays for the expenses associated with an extended care need at home or even in a facility. The cost of this care is generally not covered under a health or disability insurance contract, or under Medicare.

To learn more, attend a live webinar! View the schedule of sessions [HERE] and pick a convenient time. Your spouse is welcome to register and attend as well.


The team at ACSIA Partners, one of the nation’s largest distributors of long-term care solutions, is here to educate you on all the issues surrounding long-term care. Highly experienced consultants are available to answer your questions, explain the planning solutions, and design a plan to meet need and budget. 

Call (877) 673-2179 or visit

*FedAdvantage is not recommending any specific product or service. FedAdvantage encourages members to carefully consider their personal circumstances and review their options. Any transactions will involve highly personal decisions and arrangements as to long-term care made directly between the member and ACSIA Partners. Product and program may vary by state.

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