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Disability Financial Impact Analysis

Are you financially protected if you were to suffer an accident or illness that prevented you from working?

As a federal employee you have many benefits, however, disability insurance is not one. What would happen if today you suffered a disability lasting three years? Our Disability Financial Impact Analysis can show you just that. This customized study is designed to illustrate how the FedAdvantage Disability Insurance Program integrates with your current benefits, Disability Retirement, and Leave.

Some questions our Disability Financial Impact Analysis will answer are:

  • If you became disabled today, how would you financially survive?

  • How long will your leave pay? How much will you receive through Disability Retirement?

  • What is the Cost vs Benefit analysis of Supplemental Disability Insurance?

  • Where are the gaps in your benefits?

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In order to provide you with your complimentary Disability Financial Impact Analysis, we need to get some basic information about you first. Don’t want a custom analysis? No worries, write “Sample” under the name, provide an email address, and we will send a sample analysis to you.

Disability Financial Impact Analysis

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