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Short-Term Disability Insurance for Federal Employees 

Your Shield for Life's Sudden Twists

Short-Term Disability Insurance

At FedAdvantage, we understand the importance of safeguarding your financial stability, especially during unforeseen circumstances. That's why we offer comprehensive short-term disability insurance tailored to meet the unique needs of federal employees like you.

What is Short-Term Disability Insurance?

Short-term disability insurance provides financial protection when you're unable to work due to a covered illness, injury, or pregnancy-related condition. It offers a crucial safety net by replacing a portion of your income during your recovery period, typically ranging from a few weeks to several months.

How Does Short-Term Disability Insurance Differ From Long-Term Disability Insurance?

FedAdvantage - Short & Long Term Disability Table (1).jpg

Short-term disability insurance is designed to provide temporary income replacement for short-term disabilities, while

long-term disability insurance offers coverage for more prolonged disabilities that may last for years.

How much money would you get?

Our Short Term Disability Benefits Calculator will help illustrate how much money you could receive if you became disabled. Insert your annual salary and select a length of disability to see how much benefit you would get for that time frame. 

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