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Even if you have a High Deductible Health Plan, or traditional medical insurance, you may not be covered for all of the expenses related to the treatment and recovery from a major illness. Combined with Accident or Disability insurance, Critical Illness insurance can help ensure you’ll be better prepared to cover out-of-pocket expenses in the event of a serious illness. 

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New Short Term Disability Plan

This plan was designed to protect federal employees for the short term needs they face. Our new Short Term Disability plan is ideal for:

  • As a transitional plan for those employees who are close to retirement and are looking to adjust their coverage to meet their needs.

  • Employees looking for a low-cost solution to maternity leave.

  • Employees interested in replacing a portion of their income until government benefits kick in.

At a Glance: Your Benefit and Highlights:

Benefit DescriptionShort-Term Disability
Waiting Period: 30 Days
Benefit Amount: 50% of Salary
Benefit Duration: 2 Years
Maximum Monthly Benefit: $6,000
Minimum Monthly Benefit: $100
Own Occupation: 2 Years
24-Hour Coverage: Yes
Rehabilitative Benefit: 10%
Back to Work Incentive: 10%

Additional Plan Highlights

  • Low-cost coverage
  • No Medical Required
  • No Underwriting
  • Benefits paid Income Tax-Free
  • Premiums paid through allotment
  • No pre-existing for conversions.

How Short Term Disability Insurance Could Benefit You

Protect Money

As you near retirement your focus may change from protecting your income to preserving your retirement. This plan provides an affordable way for you to ensure if an accident, injury, or illness should occur you have a window of opportunity to prepare to retire.

Baby Bump

While the Federal Employee Paid Leave Act provides time off for the birth of a new child, disability insurance provides protection should any complications arise during pregnancy, not to mention adds some additional time off.

Golden Gate Bridge

Short term disability insurance can bridge the gap between an accident, illness, or some other disability and when your government benefits kick in. On average it takes 7.10 months for OPM to process disability retirement claims, with some claims taking 12 months or longer.*

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