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You pay 100% of the premiums for your FEGLI Option B coverage. Unlike your Basic Life coverage which offers a level premium for all employees; Option B charges based on your age and the premiums increase every 5 years. Since Option B provides the most life insurance coverage under FEGLI it's the most expensive.

FEGLI charges the same rates regardless of whether or not you smoke, your overall health or if you are a male or female. If you don’t smoke and are reasonably healthy or if you are a female you may be overpaying for your Option B coverage.

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Protect Your Most Important Asset:
Your Income.

Disability insurance replaces a portion of your income if illness or injury keeps you from working. As a Federal Employee, you do not have access to disability insurance through your employer. Your employer offers two types of protection; leave and disability retirement.

While at first glance these programs may appear to provide adequate disability protection – they don’t. Let us set you up with the right amount for your lifestyle.

Replacing up to 60% of your income tax-free provides money to meet your current financial obligations.

Integrating with your reduced fixed FERS pension could help shield your TSP from premature withdrawals.

Our Proactive return-to-work programs can help you get back on your feet and back to work.

Peace of mind doesn't always have to be expensive.

As a Federal Civilian Employee (except Postal Workers/USPS employees) you can enroll in Group Disability Insurance to supplement your leave and disability retirement programs. FedAdvantage Supplemental Disability Insurance is not intended to duplicate or replace your current benefits, but rather "fill the gaps" in your coverage. Our program can help you protect your income, your pensions, and your future.

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