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65% Of American Cancer survivors said they did not have sufficient income to cover out-of-pocket expenses for cancer treatment and other incurred debts related to the illness following treatment. 

Insights From Survivors: Managing the Personal, Emotional and Financial Impact of Cancer, Washington National Institute for Wellness Solutions, 2014.

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What’s wrong with my leave and disability benefit?


1.  Your Paid Leave isn’t enough - Your employer restricts your ability to adequately bank enough leave to support you during times of a prolonged disability. Once exhausted, you are in a Leave without Pay (LWOP) status.

2.  You will have to live on a fixed pension - Disability retirement provides a base pension income of approximately 40% of your high-3 salary to those who qualify, as an actively working employee you may find it difficult to live off this pension benefit.

3.  Your employer doesn’t offer any assistance in helping you get back to work - Without any services to retrain disabled employees, you are trapped, living indefinitely on a fixed income that is below your current income standards and unable to improve your situation.