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High Deductible Health Plans and traditional medical insurance may not cover all of the expenses related to the treatment and recovery from a major illness.

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Q: What are my federal leave and disability benefits

Your employer offers two types of protection; leave and disability retirement.

1. Leave – A short term solution

  • You have access to a leave program. Your leave is divided into two categories – Paid and Unpaid.

  • Paid Leave Annual – Most employees are limited to 30 days.
  • Sick – employees can earn 13 days per year with no limitations.
  • Leave Share – Allows employees to receive donated leave from other employees.

  • Unpaid Leave without Pay – Is an approved absence in a non-pay status granted at the employee’s request.

2. Disability Retirement – The final solution

  • Under FERS, you are considered disabled if you are unable to perform "useful and efficient service” in your position because of illness or injury. To qualify for disability retirement benefits, you must have at least 18 months of creditable service and your disabling condition must be expected to last at least 1 year.

  • If approved for FERS disability retirement, your two part pension formula is:

First 12 months

60% of High-3


100% of Social Security Benefit


Disability Retirement Benefit

Starting the 13th month

40% of High-3


60% of Social Security Benefit


Disability Retirement Benefit