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Almost two-thirds of wage earners believe they have a 2% or less chance of being disabled for 3 months or more during their working career, but the actual odds for a worker entering the workforce today are about 25%.


Social Security Admin, Fact Sheet 2/7/2013
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Q: Why do I need Supplemental Inpatient Medical Expense Insurance?
This program can substantially reduce your inpatient out-of-pocket costs and the financial burden these medical expenses can create. It may even help you reduce the overall cost of maintaining quality health insurance by allowing you to combine a health insurance policy with a higher deductible and co-insurance requirement with the Inpatient Medical Expense Insurance plan.

Key Benefits
Covers inpatient benefits.
Covers both in-network and out-of-network care.
Payments can be paid to either you or your medical providers, if assigned.
It’s affordable with premiums paid through salary allotment.
Guarantee issue – No medical evidence required. 
No pre-existing conditions.