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Regardless of your age when you retire, the retiree life benefits under FEGLI don’t start until you reach age 65. Retiree life options under FEGLI allow for employees to gradually reduce their insurance while discontinuing their premiums. If you retire from federal service prior to age 65, you will continue to pay your FEGLI premiums at the same rates as an active employee.
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Q: How does it work?
An Inpatient Medical Expense Insurance policy is designed as a companion to your medical coverage. It can reduce or in some cases, even totally eliminate the inpatient out-of-pocket expenses you or your covered dependents may incur.
This benefit is designed to offset the cost you incur as an inpatient in the hospital when your health plan applies such expenses to your deductible or coinsurance. Coverage includes inpatient hospital stays, inpatient surgeries, and physician’s in-hospital charges. Also includes coverage for emergency room treatment if the ER treatment results in a hospital admission
For an expense to be eligible it must:
•Be an Inpatient procedure
•Be medically necessary for the treatment of an injury or sickness.
•Be covered by your health insurance plan and applied to a deductible/ co-insurance/copayment 
•Must be incurred while policy is inforce.
This policy does not pay 100% of out-of-pocket expenses. Exclusions, limitations and other provisions apply.