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Almost two-thirds of wage earners believe they have a 2% or less chance of being disabled for 3 months or more during their working career, but the actual odds for a worker entering the workforce today are about 25%.


Social Security Admin, Fact Sheet 2/7/2013
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Q: Is there a pre-existing condition?
While no medical questionnaire is required to enroll in the disability insurance program, please be aware that a Preexisting Condition provision applies if you become disabled within 24 months of becoming insured.

A Preexisting Condition is a mental or physical condition whether or not diagnosed or misdiagnosed for which you have:
  • Consulted a physician or other licensed medical professional; 
  • Received medical treatment, services or advice;
  • Undergone diagnostic procedures, including self-administered procedures; or
  • Taken prescribed drugs or medications

Which, as a result of any medical examination, including routine examination, was discovered or suspected during the 12 months just before your insurance became effective.