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Even if you have a High Deductible Health Plan, or traditional medical insurance, you may not be covered for all of the expenses related to the treatment and recovery from a major illness. Combined with Accident or Disability insurance, Critical Illness insurance can help ensure you’ll be better prepared to cover out-of-pocket expenses in the event of a serious illness. 

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Q: What are waiting periods?
Waiting periods are time deductibles that begin the day you become disabled. These deductibles are based on calendar days and each of our plan options offer the following waiting periods:

Long Term Disability (LTD):  depends on your plan

  • Basic: 30 days
  • Premium - 30: 30 days
  • Premium - 180: 180 days
  • Premium Plus: 30 days

If you enrolled in the FedAdvantage supplemental disability programs prior to 1/1/2014, please Contact Us: Service Center Contact Form for your specific plan details.