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Regardless of your age when you retire, the retiree life benefits under FEGLI don’t start until you reach age 65. Retiree life options under FEGLI allow for employees to gradually reduce their insurance while discontinuing their premiums. If you retire from federal service prior to age 65, you will continue to pay your FEGLI premiums at the same rates as an active employee.
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Q: Do you provide educational seminars?

Regardless of your educational benefit needs, FedAdvantage has you covered. We offer a comprehensive series of educational seminars that cover the gamut of both federal benefits as well as financial and retirement training. Our seminar programs are divided into two categories:

1.     "Comprehensive” and
2.     "Focus On”.
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 List of Seminar Course Offerings

"Comprehensive" Seminar Programs

Our comprehensive seminar programs are designed to offer educational training in an in-depth fashion. Each program can be customized to meet your specific needs and time restrictions with presentation time options of 4 hour, 6 hour, or 1 day.
Financial Management for Federal Employees (Running time varies)  This is our most popular seminar. It combines federal benefits with core financial and retirement planning training. This comprehensive seminar system can be offered in multiple formats geared for newly hire,  mid-career and pre-retirement employee focused seminars. As an added value, you can "personalize” this seminar by offering employees the option of completing and receiving a federal benefits report. This report provides detailed information about the benefits and expenses each employee will receive upon retirement and provides a valuable insight when evaluating their retirement plans. 

"Focus On” Seminar Descriptions

Our "Focus on” seminar programs are designed to offer educational training in a more concise fashion. Each topic specific seminar runs approximately 1 to 1 ½ hours, making these programs perfect for lunch and learns as well as conference breakout sessions, or for the times when training is needed but time is limited. Our "Focus On” seminar programs are divided into two separate categories: federal benefits related or general financial education.
Federal Benefit Related
1. How to Make Money in the TSP (Running time 1 ½ hours) Seminar focus: your TSP, which is critical to your retirement. It looks at the different investment options and drills down into the inner workings of each fund to examine how they work and where they invest. This helps participants determine the best times to buy, sell, or hang on. Other topics discussed include the Roth option, withdrawals, loans, and inter-fund transfers.
2. Understanding and Maximizing Your FERS Retirement (Running time 1 ½ hours) Seminar focuses: FERS, Social Security, and TSP: the three pension plans that make up your retirement package. It provides a broad overview of how each works with ideas on how you can develop a realistic strategy to maximize your retirement income. This seminar is intended to motivate participants to take control of their retirement.
3. Retirement Planning: Projections vs Reality (Running time 1 ½ hours) Seminar focus: the difference between retirement income and the challenges you will face in retirement. By identifying the greatest challenges retirees will face in retirement, it can help develop realistic retirement goals to overcome these challenges in order to achieve a comfortable retirement.
4. Insurance Risks of Federal Benefits (Running time 1 ½ hours) Seminar focus: the different insurance risks you need to consider during and after your federal career. Insurance programs make up a large part of the federal benefit package and the majority of the cost is paid for by you. This seminar provides the education participants need to put their insurance in order and stop overpaying for duplicate coverage.
5. Understanding Your FEHB (Running time 1 hour) Seminar focuses: Your FEHB program and ways to evaluate compare and choose the right health plan for you and your family. Topics include FEHB into retirement as well as the merits of dental and vision coverage. This seminar s intended to provide employees with a selection strategy for evaluating health plans.
General Financial Related
6. Financial Management (Running time 1 hour) Seminar focus: the six areas of the financial planning process, including cash management, risk management, investment planning, managing your taes, saving for retirement, and leaving a legacy. It can help develop realistic financial goals and overcome common roadblocks to financial success. This seminar provides the education and motivation participants need to put their finances in order and start saving for the future.
7. Maximizing Your Social Security (Running time 1 hour) Seminar focus: maximizing benefits, claiming/filing strategies, earning limits, and taxes. The presentation describes Social Security claiming strategies, including how married couples can enhance lifetime spousal and survivor benefits, as well as "file and suspend,” the "do over,” and "start, stop, and restart” strategies.
8. Estate Conservation (Running time 1 hour) Seminar focuses: fundamentals of estate conservation, challenges to estates, distribution techniques, and trust strategies. Estate Conservation helps educate you about the need for careful action when it comes to managing an estate. The seminar explains new federal estate tax provisions and illustrates the problems, delays, and expenses that often accompany intestacy and probate.
9. Cash Management (Running time 1 ½ hours) Seminar "Focuses on” the cash management process, in order to help you take control of your cash flow. It can help develop realistic financial goals and overcome common roadblocks that can impact your ability to save money. This seminar provides the education and motivation participants need to put their finances in order and start saving for the future.
10. Investment Fundamentals (Running time 1 hour) Seminar "Focuses on” myths of investing, allocation models, tax deferral, bonds, mutual funds, and dollar cost averaging. Investment Fundamentals provides inexperienced investors with basic information that will help them start an effective investment program. Your seminar participants will learn the fundamentals they need to begin investing for financial success.
11. Income for Life (Running time 1 hour) Seminar "Focuses on” fundamentals of annuities, taxes and inflation pertaining to annuities, 1035 exchange, and split annuity. Income for Life helps educate you about the annuity as a creative retirement and accumulation vehicle. This seminar provides clear, concise explanations of deferred and immediate annuities, fixed and variable returns, subaccounts, and the benefits of tax-deferred compounding.
12. Retirement Investment Strategies (Running time 1 hour) Seminar "Focuses on” taxes, portfolio management, outliving retirement, and strategies and investment objectives. Retirement Investment Strategies gives you a means with which to address the important investment concerns shared by today's retirees. This seminar helps participants identify their needs and evaluate solutions that you can help them implement. They'll learn how to determine their risk tolerance, benefit from the tax rules specific to their age group.
13. Retirement Income (Running time 1 hour) Seminar "Focuses on” the tax implications of distribution methods, social security, purchasing power, bonds, mutual funds, and annuities Retirement Income presents strategies to show you how to make the most of their savings and investments during retirement. Important issues are covered, such as retirement plan distributions, split annuity strategies and other income producing vehicles.

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