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Regardless of your age when you retire, the retiree life benefits under FEGLI don’t start until you reach age 65. Retiree life options under FEGLI allow for employees to gradually reduce their insurance while discontinuing their premiums. If you retire from federal service prior to age 65, you will continue to pay your FEGLI premiums at the same rates as an active employee.
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How do the Disability Insurance Plans compare?

FedAdvantage Disability Plans Benefit Comparison

Additional Plan Benefit

  • Family Care Incentive - Included in Rehabilitation Plan Provision.
  • Survivor Benefit – 3 times your monthly benefit is paid to your survivors.
  • Employee Assistance Program - 3 face to face visits includedTemporary Recovery in Benefit Waiting Period (BWP) – 90 days temp recovery during BWP, 180 days during maximum benefit period.

General Information for The FedAdvantage Disability Insurance Programs

To receive more detailed information on the FedAdvantage disability insurance program including, plan information, group certificates, or workplace possibilities Contact Us.