Health Fair 



Health Fair

With specialized benefits designed to fill the gaps in federal benefits you can make sure to #TakeCareOfYourself

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The 2021 Open Season is from November 8, 2021 through December 13, 2021. For information on the FEHB  insurance plans available to you, please click on the topics below, provided by OPM:


Disability Insurance

Protect your paycheck if you cannot work because of an accident or illness.

Accident Insurance

Cash benefit payable when injuries, medical treatment and/or services occur as a result of an accident.

Critical Illness Insurance

Lump sum cash benefit payable when you are diagnosed with a life changing critical illness.

Med-Gap Insurance

Pays your out of pocket portion of FEHB Insurance, such as deductibles and coinsurance

Federal Employee Disability 

Financial Impact Analysis 

Our Disability Financial Impact Analysis is a hypothetical 3 year study that looks at what would happen to your finances if you were to suffer a disability. It will also look at how supplemental insurance can "fill the gaps" in your benefits, as well as look at the impact paying premiums but never becoming disabled will have on you. 

For a complimentary personalized Federal Employee Disability Financial Impact Analysis, please click the button below and complete the form.