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Who needs Insurance?

People buy insurance for a variety of reasons and with the intent to protect us financially if we suffer an unexpected loss. We purchase insurance to transfer a specific risk and the financial cost associated with that risk to someone else. Different stages of your life will require different insurance needs, so it is important to periodically review your needs and policies to insure you still have the correct insurance policies to fit your lifestyle.

Share of Costs for benefits?

Contrary to popular believe, federal benefits are not free, if you examine your benefit offerings it is apparent that employees pay a lot of the cost for the benefits they have. Here is a chart outlining the cost break downs for federal benefits:


Are you a member of the Better Business Bureau?

Yes, we want the people who put their trust in us to know we take our business seriously and want to make sure our clients are treated fairly, professionally and with respect. Therefore, affiliating with the Better Business Bureau makes sense and we are committed to their business philosophy.

How are you handling the Covid Pandemic?

During these challenging and uncertain times, we at FedAdvantage are here to support your questions and concerns regarding your coverage as it relates to the Coronavirus.


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