We Can Help You Plan
For Your Future!

Our individual consulting service is a thorough yet simple way for you to take the first step toward reaching your financial goals. Throughout our process we develop customized financial strategies for turning your goals into reality.

Current Financial

Helps you evaluate the impact of life events on your finances and gives you strategies for dealing with them.

  Determine current
       income and expenses

  Determine current and
       projects net worth

  Establish an Emergency


Pinpoints gaps in your financial safety net and
shows how to close them

  Protection for you and
        your family in the event
        of death.

  Protect your income in
        the event of a disability


Provides a strategy for maximizing your retirement income or insure you are taking the appropriate steps to achieve your retirement goal.

  Estimate retirement
        income and expenses

Determine retirement
       savings needs

Determine how to
       distribute your
       retirement funds

Planning for the Future

Explore the consulting options you have with FedAdvantage

Current Financial Position Services

  • Cash Management
  • Financial Planning

Protection Planning Service

  • Life Insurance Planning
  • Disability Insurance Planning
  • Long-Term Care Insurance Planning
  • FEHB Plan Comparison

Retirement Planning Service

  • Federal Retirement Benefits Report
  • Retirement Planning
  • Social Security Maximization

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