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Almost two-thirds of wage earners believe they have a 2% or less chance of being disabled for 3 months or more during their working career, but the actual odds for a worker entering the workforce today are about 25%.


Social Security Admin, Fact Sheet 2/7/2013
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Inpatient Medical Expense Insurance

Open enrollment for Inpatient Medical Expense Insurance is currently closed. Open enrollment typically begins each year in November. For questions please contact Customer Service.

Rising Health Care Cost Got You Down?  We can save you money on your out-of-pocket expenses!

Our Inpatient Medical Expense Insurance plan reduces your out-of-pocket costs (deductibles, copays, and co-insurance) for inpatient services required by your health insurance plan!

Due to the increasing costs of healthcare, the cost of your FEHB program is increasing, on average 6.4% for 2016.  To control costs employees are faced with the dilemma of choosing between: Better coverage & higher premiums VS less coverage and lower premiums. Ultimately employees are left feeling frustrated. 
We can help!!! FedAdvantage’s Inpatient Medical Expense Insurance is available to all civilian federal employees, and is an affordable plan that reduces your inpatient out-of-pocket costs for the deductibles, copays and co-insurance limits. This offers peace of mind protection for you and your family from the potential financial burden these costs can create.
Key Plan Benefits:
  • Plan provides up to$5,000 for inpatient out-of-pocket expenses
  • Works with all FEHB plans
  • Provides Inpatient benefits
  • It is Affordable.
  • Payments made by our plan will be credited toward the inpatient deductibles and co-insurance limits of your health plan.
  • Payments made by our plan can be made to either you or your medical providers.
  • Everyone currently enrolled on your health plan, is eligible to enroll on this plan.
  • Guarantee issue – No medical questions are required.
  • Premiums do not increase with age.
  • The plan uses itemized bills and your health plan’s Explanation of Benefits (EOB) statement, as the basis for determining what is covered.
  • A great alternative to a Flexible Spending Account (FSA).
Inpatient Medical Expense Insurance 
How it Works:
See examples for how Inpatient Medical Expense Insurance works.


Benefit Questions? Call 1-800-791-0936