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You pay 100% of the premiums for your FEGLI Option B coverage. Unlike your Basic Life coverage which offers a level premium for all employees; Option B charges based on your age and the premiums increase every 5 years. Since Option B provides the most life insurance coverage under FEGLI it's the most expensive.

FEGLI charges the same rates regardless of whether or not you smoke, your overall health or if you are a male or female. If you don’t smoke and are reasonably healthy or if you are a female you may be overpaying for your Option B coverage.

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Q: Where can I get forms for the MetLife voluntary life insurance program?
Please call our Customer Service Center at 1-866-973-6605 or email Customer Service for MetLife forms....
Q: Where can I get Accident Insurance Forms?
Here you'll find forms if you enrolled in the Lincoln Financial Group Accident insurance program....
Q: Enrolled on or after 1/1/2014? Find forms for your MetLife supplemental disability insurance program.
The forms on this page are for you if you enrolled January 1, 2014 and later, OR if you converted your Option 30, Option 60, or Option 90 plan to one of the new plans that became available January 1, 2014....
Q: Where can I find forms for my MetLife supplemental disability insurance program if I enrolled before January 1, 2014?
The forms on this page are for you if you enrolled prior to January 1, 2014 and you are currently covered under Option 30, Option 60, or Option 90....
Q: How do I file a claim for the Medical Expense Insurance program?
Although the claims process is simple, it requires YOUR PARTICIPATION. Please follow the instructions below so that we may process your claim on a timely basis....
Q: How do I file a Critical Illness and/or Accident insurance claim?
Everything you need to know about who, what, when, where to file either/or a Critical Illness or Accident insurance claim....

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