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You pay 100% of the premiums for your FEGLI Option B coverage. Unlike your Basic Life coverage which offers a level premium for all employees; Option B charges based on your age and the premiums increase every 5 years. Since Option B provides the most life insurance coverage under FEGLI it's the most expensive.

FEGLI charges the same rates regardless of whether or not you smoke, your overall health or if you are a male or female. If you don’t smoke and are reasonably healthy or if you are a female you may be overpaying for your Option B coverage.

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Q: Why do I need Supplemental Inpatient Medical Expense Insurance?
This program can substantially reduce your inpatient out-of-pocket costs and the financial burden these medical expenses can create. It may even help you reduce the overall cost of maintaining quality health insurance by allowing you to combine a health insurance policy with a higher deductible and co-insurance requirement with the Inpatient Medical Expense Insurance plan.

Key Benefits
Covers inpatient benefits.
Covers both in-network and out-of-network care.
Payments can be paid to either you or your medical providers, if assigned.
It’s affordable with premiums paid through salary allotment.
Guarantee issue – No medical evidence required. 
No pre-existing conditions.