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Law Enforcement Officers (LEO), Air Traffic Controllers, and Fire Fighters covered under the Special Groups Retirement System with less than 20 years of service credit under the Special Groups Retirement will revert back to a regular employee retirement under FERS, if they become disabled and qualify for disability retirement under FERS.

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Q: Is there a pre-existing condition?
While no medical questionnaire is required to enroll in the disability insurance program, please be aware that a Preexisting Condition provision applies if you become disabled within 24 months of becoming insured.

A Preexisting Condition is a mental or physical condition whether or not diagnosed or misdiagnosed for which you have:
  • Consulted a physician or other licensed medical professional; 
  • Received medical treatment, services or advice;
  • Undergone diagnostic procedures, including self-administered procedures; or
  • Taken prescribed drugs or medications

Which, as a result of any medical examination, including routine examination, was discovered or suspected during the 12 months just before your insurance became effective.